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A Change of Seasons

A Change of Seasons

There’s been a definite change in the weather over the last week or so.
A bit more of a chill in the air.
The nights are arriving earlier.
The winds have picked up.
And the rains are more frequent.

That can only mean the arrival of the wonderful season of Autumn.
Autumn means colour and lots of it.
There’s just a bit of that starting to show out there right now 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Carolyn Yates says:

    How many bedrooms do you have in total? I. E how many people could stay for a retreat? Thank. You

    • DrumwhillRetreat says:

      Hi Carolyn, we can accommodate up to 12 for retreats. There are 3 bedrooms in the bungalow and 3 in the main house. there is also space for a camper van or tents if required. It would all depend on what sort of retreat you were running, how people wanted the bedrooms set up etc.
      If you would like to email us with more details you can reach us at
      Or you are welcome to phone or come and visit to discuss in more detail


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