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Daffodils and daisies…

Daffodils and daisies…

2020 sees our second spring here at Drumwhill … and although we have much more of an idea what to expect when it comes to the garden. It is still surprising and delightful to see all the bulbs emerge from the ground. Ground where, just a few months ago, there was no sense or sign that anything was growing. 

And there are many different species of daffodils here … much to our amazement!  And with a little research, we were able to discover that botanist and author of “A First Course in Practical Botany” (1906), G. F. Scott Elliot once lived here at Drumwhill in The Lands of Drumwhill in glorious Galloway… so it is interesting to wonder and consider if he was the one to plant all of these fabulous bulbs, that seem to pop up from nowhere, when he was here, many many years ago.

And life can be a lot like these daffodil bulbs. Sometimes there is a lot going on under the surface. Seeds,  ideas and things growing in the ground … sometimes things that we don’t even realise … with not much to see at all … and then all at once these glorious full open yellow flowers are shining for all to see. 

And it can be easy to become despondent, doubtful, impatient, frustrated if things don’t happen as quickly as perhaps we would like … but all the thoughts, ideas, dreams and hopes that we plant and cultivate are always growing.

So whatever phase of the cycle you are at … never give up hope … keep putting one foot in front of the other … keep nourishing and feeding the bulbs … caring for them kindly and gently… allowing them to do their own things …. supporting when required … and giving space when required ….. allowing each creation … each bulb … to take its own time. Do what is necessary … for there is the greatest wisdom in this process.

And then when YOU are ready … open your petals lift your face up to the sun and SHINE!!

With love Rachael


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