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Love Is All-Around

Love Is All-Around

Bark Heart Drumwhill

Take a look around  …. love is everywhere! ❤

I have always loved hearts.  For as long as I can remember! What’s not to love about them.  ?

I used to doodle hearts everywhere… bits of paper … school books … notebooks … edges of magazines. I even have a folder that I covered in individually cut out hearts in all different sizes and then covered in sticky back plastic. ?

When I was 18 my nannan and grandad gave me some money.  I wanted to buy a ring from them.  I chose a lovely one with a purple heart stone at H Samuels that I loved. My favourite shape and my favourite colour. And my dad talked me out of it!  You may love hearts now … but you’ll grow out of them he said…. 

I thought perhaps he was right …maybe it was a childish thing ….  but it never happened. I never grew out of them.  In fact, I think I love them now more than ever.  And it gives me great pleasure to see them … make them … paint them … decorate rooms with them and discover them all around. Drumwhill is full of them!  From the one on the door … to the very special crocheted ones over the fire… to the secret ones in the holiday cottage 🙂  they all fill my heart with love and make it smile.

And I particularly love it when I find hearts in nature.

And actually they are everywhere…. in the garden…. at the beach ….  on our walks … falling from the trees… growing in the grass

 All colours

All shapes

All sizes

And all different materials

And each time I find one I feel especially lucky 


Look around today and let your life fill you with love

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