Mossdale, Galloway, Scotland, DG7 2NL
01644 450269

Access Conciousness Reset Retreat


Would you like to reset:

  • Your mind?
  • Your body?
  • Your life?
  • Yourself?

If so, join us in the most magical of surroundings and have a complete reset!

Day 1 – Arrival 7pm – Session 1 – If you could have anything from the retreat, what would it be?

Day 2 – Reset your mind
10am – Session 2 and 3 – Bars, Bars and more Bars.  Gift and receive Bars sessions to de-clutter your mind, clear out the chaos and the crap and free yourself from those interesting limitations you project at yourself

Day 3 – Reset your past present and future
10am – Session 4 
2pm – Session 5A day of using the Access Consciousness facilitation tools and clearings to clear the energy of anything that has any charge on it at all and has been holding you back … leaving you totally free to enjoy life in all its glory

Day 4 – Reset your body
10am – Session 6 and 7A day of Access Body Processes, gifting and receiving to reset your body and allow it to come home to its natural state of being

Day 5 Departure
10am – Session 8 What’s changed and any final clearings and tools to take away and step in to your new life.  completely present .. totally reset… alive … awake ….and your new and best most magical self

What a relief, pleasure, delight and possibility


Cost: (option 1): £320 – including: Bed and Breakfast, (4 nights), All sessions and Facilitation, Lunch (3 days) and the pleasure of this magical space Dumwhill
Cost (option 2):  £180 – including: All sessions and Facilitation, Lunch (3 days)

How To Book

To book contact Rachael on 01644 450269 |  07984 923243  |

Directions to Drumwhill.