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Messages From Nature

Drumwhill, Home Holiday and Retreat Centre

Rachael is naturally able to commune and communicate and translate information and energy from many things, bodies, businesses, home, animals, spirits, anything really

During lockdown Rachael began to spend more time with the trees, nature and land here at Drumwhill.  The trees became more and more vocal, offering sharings for a facebook group called personal conversations with earth.  The trees also requested that she start to interview them, which she has been doing and is collating these interviews, insight, wisdom and information for a future CD and book.  They offered initiations and healing processes which are both beautiful and deeply healing right to the depths of our bodies and beings, which she has begun to play with and are very much offering to step forward and stand with Rachael and us, humanity, in solidarity as we evolve to a more conscious sustainable way of living and being here on planet earth.  They have a deep joy and delight at being more included and consulted and remind us of a time where each life (man, plant, animal, tree, land) was respected and stood together recognising their own wisdom and that of each other and lived together in the dance of life

On the back of these, the trees invited Rachael to offer 1-1 messages from nature sessions, which turned out to be beautiful and deeply healing for the participants.  These are now available to you. 

Contact Rachael to book

You can also join the weekly Nature Immersion Meditation at 10am UK time over zoom or watch the recording on youtube. The link for this is in the events section of our facebook page.

The trees also offer messages of ways to connect more deeply with them and ways that we can assist and contribute to them more. You can see one of their messages here and if you would like Rachael to help you to connect on a deeper level to a tree, some land or nature you know and love or reconnect to your deeper organic intuitive nature then she would be more than happy to do that and you can book here

Messages from Nature sessions are a way of giving back to nature and to life.  All monies raised from messages with nature sessions will go to supporting Drumwhill and to the renovation and retro fitting of Drumwhill for all who live here, come here and call this home.  Our aim is to model and invite others to  a simple honest sustainable way of living, in harmony with ourselves, nature and life and provide a space where people can holiday retreat and come home to themselves and enjoy the magic of life.

10am UTC is 3am Pacific Time so I won’t be attending live. Darn. But I gotta tell you, Rachael Hattersley is well connected and has a lovely voice. This is time well spent, and I’ll be listening to the recordings! I  am so very grateful!



Rachael holds loving space for me while I continue to learn and find my path.   It’s beautiful to explore energies from any and everywhere,  to any thing!  Support is offered for the place you are in, work love and respect❤.  If you are looking to explore nature’s energetic beauty, this is a perfect place,  thank you Rachael, very grateful❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗

For group I find the same from all of the ladies, it’s very beautiful and moving



Thank you so much!!! You are an angel! I needed your help exactly today. You are amazing at what you do! This is really unsticking me. Wow, I’m not even doing much but watching my son play in the front yard and I would usually have a guard up because it’s more public. But I’m feeling so supported by the earth and by life. I’m feeling strong and stronger by the minute. Which is what I need having a child that does things differently. Thank you infinity ❤️


Nura, California

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