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Tree Medicine Retreat


Trees are such magnificent, majestic and benevolent beings and are totally willing to support and hold us in our journeys here on earth.

They have magic and presence and offer their medicine to us. Trees are able to connect and communicate with each other in a deeper more wholistic way and have a solidarity and way of caring for each other that is wonderful, life-enriching and supportive and they would love to support and initiate us in all their ways.
The trees here at Drumwhill are particularly special and have been making themselves and their gifts known to me. They each have wisdom, roles, specialities, healing gifts and medicine that they give so warmly, freely, openly and they would love to share these with you.
Your tree medicine retreat here at Drumwhill, will give you the space and presence to be with the trees, connect with them on a deeper level and receive what they have to offer. You will have the opportunity to receive their wisdom, messages for you, healing energies, to talk with them, to deepen your non-verbal communication and connection skills and to make your own tree medicine from your favourite tree to take home with you. You will also learn more about the healing properties of trees and particularly these trees as you discover and experience what they would like to share with you.
King Oak, Brigader, The Watchman, Grandma Beech and all the trees at Drumwhill are waiting to welcome you home :).

About Your Tree Medicine Retreat Experience


Your Tree Medicine Retreat will take place at Drumwhill over 4 days and will include a 3-night stay in the holiday cottage, Drumwhill Bungalow. There will be a number of sessions over the days with some individual exploration and some group work.

The retreat will flow naturally, organically and intuitively ….. and over the days we will find our rhythm together, making this joyous, effortless, present and free.

Together we will gift ourselves to the trees, receive what they have to offer and allow their wisdom to be imparted to us in their own way. You will make friends that will always have your back that you can connect to any time and you will discover more of your innate abilities to commune and communicate with trees.

Expect once you enter this magical wonderland that things will never be the same again.

Enjoy with family, friends or on your own.

If you would like more time here with the trees, land and elemental beings of Drumwhill you are welcome to extend your stay.


Your home for the Retreat will be Drumwhill Bungalow, a simple, welcoming, self-contained, self-catering 3 bedroomed bungalow with its own garden, parking and magnificent views. It has a newly fitted kitchen and 3 nature-themed bedrooms, 2 of which can be twins or doubles and a third which is a double.

Your sessions will take place in your home, in the communal space at Drumwhill, with magnificent loch views and outdoors in one of the many spectacular locations and ancient woodlands that we can walk to from the door, this will all happen and unfold naturally and organically and we will take our guidance from the trees.

In between your retreat sessions, your time is your own, to walk, discover your own tree friends, play, read, journal, reflect, sit quietly, watch the birds, animals and ever-changing beauty provided by mother nature. Paint, sketch, wild swim in the loch, meander round the lanes, meet and commune with the magnificent and magical trees here, stroll in the woods, and enjoy the simplicity and tranquillity of Drumwhill, life and Galloway.


The price of the retreat is based on the size of your party and you will have full use of Drumwhill bungalow whatever size your party. You will be responsible for providing your own meals and snacks.

  • 1 person £695
  • 2 people £850 (£425 each)
  • 3 people £975 (£325 each)
  • 4 people £1180 (£295 each)
  • 5 people £1225 (£245 each)
  • 6 people £1320 (£220 each)
Additional nights stay can be booked for £100 per night.
If you would like a longer Tree Medicine Retreat Experience please let us know and we can price this accordingly
NB: Once you have checked your availability, feel free to go ahead and book the dates you would like. This will reserve them for you. At the moment, it will look as though you are just booking the cottage and give you a price for that, so please send us an email to and let us know that you are booking a retreat and which retreat you are booking and please pay your 20% deposit according to the price of your retreat listed above. The balance will be due a week before you come
Many thanks